• Greenslip policy coverage with the minimum hit to your wallet.

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Check out some of the types of greenslips we support.

  • Car Greenslip

    Car Greenslip

    The standard greenslip, every car owner in Australia is required to show proof that they have a policy before they will be allowed to register their car. Prices can very, however, meaning you’ll need to shop around to find the cheapest one, and they can change with respect to the kind of vehicle that you drive.

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  • Fleet Vehicle Greenslip

    Fleet Vehicle Greenslip

    As regulated by the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA), greenslips are cheaper for fleets. But not all insurers are keen on managing fleet greenslip insurance independently, and would instead rather offer incentives for fleets to take on greenslip insurance as part of an overall package. So fleet managers looking to get standard cover often find themselves struggling to find a provider.

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  • Bus Greenslip

    Bus Greenslip

    Buses have special needs when it comes to greenslips, because the human risks are significant. Given that the purpose of a bus is to transport people around, human injury becomes a significant issue that every bus and fleet owner needs to consider.

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  • Motorbike Greenslip

    Motorbike Greenslip

    For the purposes of greenslip insurance, motorbikes are classified based on their engine capacity, and this is designated by the Motor Accident Authority, or MAA. The price you pay will be determined based on factors such as geographic region, claims history, rider age and their driver record.

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  • Truck Greenslip

    Truck Greenslip

    For smaller trucks, of up to 4.5 tonne GVM, buying a greenslip policy is a relatively straightforward matter of comparing prices and choosing the cheapest. It’s worth noting that in most cases, truck and bus owners will be registered for GST, which can affect the greenslip price in NSW.

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