Fleet Vehicle Greenslip

Fleet Vehicle Greenslip Sydney

Fleet vehicle greenslips in Sydney without breaking the bank

As regulated by the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA), greenslips are cheaper for fleets. However, the other side to this coin is that management can be a pain for each fleet vehicle greenslip. And not all insurers are keen on managing fleet greenslip insurance independently, and would instead rather offer incentives for fleets to take on greenslip insurance as part of an overall package. As a result of the reluctance of some to offer independent fleet vehicle greenslip services, fleet managers looking to get standard cover often find themselves struggling to find a provider. That’s where we come in. At Discount Greenslips, where greenslips are all we do, we are happy to provide a basic package with just the greenslip insurance to our fleet customers, keeping their costs down and given them more choice with any additional insurance they might like to take on. While we offer our greenslips at a discount rate, we also are available to our customers to help them save money in their businesses in other ways. For example, we also recommend out customers consider various tax credits that come from insuring a fleet. Most fleet owners will be registered for GST, which can affect the greenslip price in NSW. If you are looking to claim an input tax credit for GST on greenslips, then this will make the greenslip more expensive up front, but there are benefits for doing that. Many of our fleet customers work with us through a broker, so we can develop the best insurance package that suits the unique needs of the business. We welcome owners and their brokers to contact us to discuss their options around fleet vehicle greenslips further.  GET A QUOTE

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