Greenslips are mandatory

In Australia, Greenslips are mandatory. Otherwise known as compulsory third party insurance, greenslips have a very narrow, but critical focus; they cover injuries to other people when your vehicle is involved in an accident.

Without it, you would be exposed to massive injury costs in the event of an accident, and the risk of people incurring these costs without adequate insurance was such that the states of Australia all wisely decided to make this protection necessary in order to protect both the drivers, and anyone who might be injured in a car accident.

However, the narrow focus of the greenslip means that it will not cover damage to property, including other vehicles, or your own vehicle. Nor does it cover theft or arson. You will need to take out separate policies to cover these costs, and because of that, you will want to keep the cost of the greenslip as low as possible, in order to allow you to extend your budget to more comprehensive insurance policies.

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